My latest "Pinter-ations!"

Sunday, May 31, 2015

It's the End of the Year--- and We Know It!

Wow! Time surely goes by fast! I have not been much of a blogger this year. My class and family life just took a toll on me this year! Sometimes you just have a take a step back and take care of what is most important to you! I hope to be back more next year and put more life into my blog and share with you the ideas that I have! The pictures are all there on my phone and the posts are written in my head---- BUT! They never made it to the blog! *sigh* There's always this summer and next year! 

Hope you all are soon coming close to the end! This is my last week of school. We have been so busy with end of the year performances. My 2nd grader had a performance and my little kinder did, too! Both were amazing and I am so glad that we were there to watch it! 

There's my Gabriel (the short asian one! lol!) in the front! 

Getting the "Smarties" Award for knowing fun little facts! It will win him big in Jeopardy one day! 

My Aidan after his ocean performance! His class was all hermit crabs! They were so cute. We heard ocean songs NON-STOP for weeks. We are still hearing them! 

I am also busy cleaning out and packing up my classroom. I know we all do this but this is a dreaded task for me because I am slow. It takes me forever to pack it up. I have to admit that I also putz around and am not organized in my packing. You will often find little piles of where I've been. I partially have ADD and I like to re-organize as I go. That could have something to do with my slowness. Plus, my room is being used for summer school so I am being extra careful in my pack-up so I remember where I place things. 

In my pack up, I found I had so many notebooks! I mean, tons of them that I didn't use! Every year I give my students a notebook over the summer to write so they don't slide over the summer because as we all know the summer slide is for real! Yet, I wasn't really giving them or their parents too much guidance. 

I created this cute little pack for all those journals! 

You can click {HERE} to check them out! 

I wanted them to be fun, easy, and low prep! Something kids and parents could do! 

I have to laugh! My little one's prompt was about chores. He wrote, "I like to feed my cat. I do not like to scoop cat litter." Hahaha!

I hope to get these printed and back from copy center by Tuesday so I can send them home in their beach buckets. I also send home a summer calendar as well as helpful links and logins to the various programs our county has purchased for us. 

Hope you all have a great week! It's almost the end of the year and we ALL know it! :-) 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Day 2: We {Heart} Teachers!

Happy Monday! 

We are on our first official day of our We {HEART} Teachers event! 

I know as teachers, we don't usually look forward to Mondays... but this Monday is special! It's the first day of Teacher Appreciation week! That means you'll be showered with notes of thanks, tokens of affection and LOTS OF HUGS! <3! 

It also means it's time to giveaway some AMAZING prizes!

Today, we have this amazing #TeacherEssentials prize pack for you!

This is a small collection of items to help you get through your weeks! 

Here's a peek at what YOU can win..

1. Blair Turner Paper Notepads- How cute are these? Perfect for all those last minute lists! And the Fun colors are SURE to brighten up any paper piled desk! ;) 

2. Spring Bling Coffee Cozy from Miss Squirrels Shop- Now that the end of the year is starting, coffee is a must! keep it warm with this adorable bejeweled cozy! <3

3. 12 Pack of Flair Pens- So you can write beautiful "to do" lists on those notepads! ;)

4. Custom Designed Pencil Door Hanger from Tallahassee Sunday- They made the CUTEST apple door hanger for me! Now you'll get one too! 

5. Custom Water Color Print from The Teacher Print Shop- Rachel from The Tattooed Teacher has an eye for desgin and she'll make you a CUSTOM Water color type print and MAIL it you! YES PLEASE!   

6. Pampered Teacher Box- Every teacher deserves a little pampering! Pampered Teacher is a monthly subscription service that sends you special hand picked teacher items based on your likes and wants! They've graciously donated one box for you! 

7. $10 Starbucks Gift Card- So you can have a cup to wrap that ADORABLE coffee cozy around! Oh and help fuel you for a few more days! 

8. Planbook Subscription for a year- I switched from a word document style lesson plan book to using this online service and I LOVE it! User friendly, easy, and soooo convenient. I can even send my lesson plans to my teammates! 

That's an AMAZING prize pack! What to enter? Enter below using the Rafflecopter!

AND don't forget today's the last day for you to enter the chance to win one of three $40 GC for 

TeachersPayTeachers, just in time for their Teacher Appreciation Sale!

Click here to go enter that giveaway! We'll be announcing the winners tomorrow AND We'll have another AMAZING prize pack up for grabs... let's just say teachers love their apple... products... ;) 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

We LOVE Teachers! Teacher Appreciation Event!

Welcome back to our 2nd Annual We LOVE Teachers Event! I am so excited that I am actually participating in 2 (yes, 2!!) Teacher Appreciation Events this week! So forgive me if I toggle back and forth between events! I know how hard we all work and how many hours, blood, sweat, wine, tears, and cheers and celebrations we go through as teachers! 

I am happy to team up with one of my closest friends, Leigh, The Applicious Teacher, for her annual event! We have got...


worth of prizes lined up for you! 

Yes, ladies and gentlemen! For realsies! 

So excited (and bummed for myself!) for you all to enter and WIN!!! 

Today's PRIZE s a 

a TPT Gift Card for $40-- In fact we are giving away 3 of them! 

You can enter the raffecopter here:

I'd also like to leave you with a freebie (or 2). One for you and one for your students! 

The first one is for your students. One of my biggest MUST DO's is to always give my students feedback on their writing. I created a little form that I attached to their writing pieces with a check-list of the mechanics and components I'm looking for as well as a section for a GLOW and GROW! That is HUGE! We always talk about ways to improve and reflect on best practices. They look forward to reading their glows and grows whenever they get their writing pieces back. During writing conferences, I ask them what area they are "growing" on. It's a great tool! 

Click {HERE} to grab this FREEBIE! 

The other freebie is for you!! 

Do you ever just want to pick up someone's day or just want to say "You're SUPER!"?? This freebie is a quick and fun way to tell someone 

You're Awesome!

Thanks for being a HERO today! ('cuz we know some day's our friends and co-workers can really save our behinds in a pinch! LOL). 

I've even included a cards to attach a little sweet treat for a teacher friend! 

Click {HERE} to download this FREEBIE for YOU! 

I hope you have an awesome week! Thank you for ALL you do! Don't forget to check back every day to see what prizes are up for grabs!