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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Few of Our Favorite Things Giveaway!!!

C'mon and sing along with me!! Man, I love this movie and song! I've teamed up with my Chalkie sis, Leigh, The Applicious Teacher  and some other amazing bloggers (wait til you see the prize packs! You can see all the items from Leigh's blog!) for a giveaway of a "Few of Our Favourite Things!"!!!

Up for grabs is:

Grand Prize: $50 Erin Condren Gift Card, Jamberry Nail Wrap Sheet, and ALL of our favourite packs

Runner Up:  $15 Gift Card to Sephora (that's my contribution in addition to my pack!! You're Welcome!!) and ALL of our favourite packs

Runner Up #2: Jamberry Nail Sheet and ALL of our favourite packs

Not bad! I'd so want to enter!!! I love being girly and I LOVE makeup and Sephora is one of my favourite stores (and so is this run-on sentence!!!)! I hope whoever wins it will find some fun new colours for the season. 

Olivia is also one of my favourite packs and is one of my best-sellers so you will be getting this fun pack! 

Click on the pic to take you to my store to see some more sample pages! Or purchase! 

Would you like to enter??? Join in on our Rafflecopter (Real talk! I hate to say this but PLEASE be honest in your entries! Teachers honor!)! Good Luck!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Come on a Gallery Walk with Me!

I have a confession...I got off my resolution and haven't blogged like I should! I am on the straight path now! LOL! So this week was fun filled with penguin learning fun! They waddled and learned and watched penguins on the cam! It was just so fun!

Look at those determined faces!!! 

We are still working out of my Penguins unit! You can still pick it up, here! 

We also worked on some snow writing since I can across this cute art project!

This week my writing focus was writing with adjectives. They need those adjectives in their writing like I need lip gloss every day!!! Never leave home with out it, ladies! lol! So one day while in a staff development/faculty meeting which to be honest sometimes I grade papers through (be honest, you might do that, too!) they were talking about engagement techniques and one of them was called a Gallery Walk. Have you heard of it? Here is the original video:

I just thought it was so clever! It was a third grade classroom but I knew it would work with my 1st graders. I made them this presentation (that you can download for FREE! It's an editable PPT and there is an adjectives video embedded if you'd like to use it. Click on the picture to download it! It will contain all your files needed to do this presentation and lesson that I will explain below!)

Then I had the kids give me describing words for our friend mouse here and they did. After that was when I introduced the Gallery Walk!

Basically, I just cut pictures out of magazines that would be of high interest to kids and glued them on some paper and then had the kids walk around to write describing words for each of the pictures. I also played some classical music to make them feel like they were in a fancy art gallery! (WARNING! Picture overload! I tried to get as many pictures of my pictures so you'd see what I put in there!)

They were movin' and groovin' and ENGAGED!!!  (The Gallery Walk file is in your free download at the top!) They hated that time was up. I HIGHLY recommend you add this to your classroom engagement routine. You will be pleased! 

Then we moved into our topic of snow writing. Crazy, right? Florida. Snow. We don't get it! Thankfully it was a COLD day (55 degrees-- cold for FL people) and dark and we made fake snow. 

Click pic to order!

I gave each kid a hand full to touch and feel and we had a snowball fight! Well.. a snowball ball Floridian style! They had a blast and they were moving so fast, the pics didn't come out so great! 

Now we kinda had a background to start our snow adjectives and then move onto our cinquain poems. 

Lastly, we mad those cute art projects from up top! My camera died Friday so I didn't take pics but I will put some up this week! 

If you'd like to make this, A Year of Many Firsts has some free templates. I actually just made them myself (this was before I found hers!) but it is always best to work smarter, not harder! Click on her blog to take you there! The kids loved making this craft and it looks adorable displayed in our hallway! 

This week was also Literacy Week at our school. My teammates and I always dress up collectively around a book and this year it was 

I made my own tutu and found some pink clothes at good will. We were all so cute (not all my teammates dressed up. Those of us who did were adorbs!)

I loved them! They are such troopers! The kids were dressed up and they were so cute, too!!! I just love working at a school were the kids and teachers really get in the spirit! 

I have two exciting things planned this week and they both occur on Wednesday! 

I will be on the Primary Chalkboard with some 100th Day Ideas for you and I will leave you with this video as a hint of something coming up...

Have a great week and see you Wednesday! 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Do you Draw, Write, Now?

This week our learning takes us to one of my favourite loves: PENGUINS!!! Yes, these tuxedo coloured birds have my heart and I squeal with delight every time I see them at Sea World. True story... my father-in-law told me that he was on a flight to somewhere one time and he saw a penguin walking down the aisle! Apparently, they were transporting them from one zoo to another! Now, that's how penguins travel in style! 

Last week I finished my writing project a little early and wanted to get them geared up for this coming week, so I took out my 

Click picture to take you to Amazon! 

Draw, Write, Now book for Arctic animals and I told my class we would be doing a "Mystery Write and directed drawing." Immediately... 

"C'mon, Mrs. Hamlin! What is it?!!"

"I want to know!"

"Ohhh!! This is going to be fun!"

So without further delay, we got started on drawing our Emperor Penguins. I showed and described for them where we should start and what kind of lines we needed. They did so good!

Then I had them write down EVERYTHING they knew about penguins or if they had questions, to write them down to see if during their learning this week we would be able to answer them.

I love this one... "I want to know every thang about penguins!" Love it!

I love how this little one started off with... "Mrs. Hamlin..."  and she asks me several questions! So cute! 

I just love their curiosity and can't wait to work with them this week on penguins. I will be pulling sources from my Penguins! Penguins! Penguins! pack! I have included non-fiction tie-ins in this unit so I am so excited to use it. 

And to add to our penguin fun, Sea World has a penguin cam so we can view these flightless cuties. 

It's pretty cool. They have three views to choose from. One from the top and two are under water. The top one is noisy with squawking but that's fun in itself. After a while of watching, I turned the sound off but I cannot get enough of them. 

Stay tuned this week as I will be posting pics of my "Gallery Walk" of adjectives activity. I am excited to do this. Do you do gallery walks in your classroom?