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Friday, January 3, 2014

I've got something TOO cute not to share with you!!!

Face it, winter is here and so are ALL the Valentine's Day decor. While I am not displaying all my Valentine's lessons right now, I do have a quick center to share with you that I plan on using and expanding other lessons and centers on. 

When the time comes (later than sooner! LOL!) it would go great with this book:

It's the cutest story of a man who is trying to send a letter TO his Valentine/ It's written like the lyrics "Oh my darlin, Clementine" and the kids love when I sing it to them and after a few reads, they song along, too!

So, when I saw these mailboxes at Target I knew I had to get them! And hence my post to you!! I found them in the Dollar Spot at Target and there weren't that many left! Hurry!! 

I came up with this fun and sweet center! It's a simple homophone activity for the words to, too, and two! 

Anchor charts for display.

Two types of cards. One to use with the mail box and one set for a pocket chart/table top sorting. 

So that was my quick post! Would you like to grab that center? It's FREE until tomorrow! Click on the cover page above to take you to my store! 


  1. Seriously LOVE this idea Leslie! Thank you for sharing!

    The Applicious Teacher

  2. LOVE this! Your timing is perfect--thanks for posting this adorable idea!

  3. Guess I need to go spend some money at DS. This is a terrific concept activity. Thank you!

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