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Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Make It: Picture Tiles

Oh, how I love being crafty! I have as much crafting and arts supplies as I do teaching and cleaning supplies (I have a major cleaning disorder! My boys always ask me why it's cleaning day every day. That's just how I roll, kids!). So today I want to share with you a great and easy way to display your photos. They make great gifts, too. I've used them as coasters to give on Mother's Day or as table favors for a wedding or even for birthday parties to show special events in that person's life. 

The Modge Podge you use depends on you! Here I used the Glossy Finish. It has a really nice finish; some of you might like the matte finish. The size of tiles also depends on you. Like I mentioned, I used the plain white bathroom tile. A little tip, I wiped the tile off and let it dry before I started gluing my picture down. The tiles can be dusty. 

If it is a large group picture (meaning there are people almost to the edge of your photo), I would probably not use that photo unless you have a larger tile. 

I always like to display them with "plate holders" is the best way to describe them. I found mine at Hobby Lobby. They are super cheap. There is also a larger holder that can hold several "plates" or in this case tiles at a time. Just look around around and see what they have if this interests you. 


It really does make a beautiful display and family and friends always love it! 

It's a great summer project! I plan on making a few more for display. Speaking of summer, I'm helping a sweet fellow blogger with a Summer Giveaway! Meredith from Sunshine, Sand and Scissors 

Sunshine, Sand, and Scissors

is hosting a summer giveaway! And she got a fabulous makeover, too! It's perfect for her since she lives in FL, too! I hope you will join us as we are Flippin' for Summer Fun!

You can enter to win some great resources! Enter the Rafflecopter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The contest will run until Monday, July 6th! Good Luck! 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Meal Plan Monday

It's Monday and I'm on Summer Vacation! Hopefully you are, too! If not, hang in there! The light at the end is coming closer.. do you see it??

I love summer. Plain and simple. I really do need this time to recharge and enjoy actually being a mommy and wife. Don't get me wrong-- I ENJOY being a wife and mommy during the school year but I really enjoy it MORE in the summer when I am not stressed out over:

grading papers
lesson plans
professional development
staff development
progress monitoring

This week I am linking up with my sweet friend, Tammy from The Resourceful Apple and her Meal Plan Linky! What a great idea!!! One thing I have always enjoyed is meal planning and cooking! If you follow me, especially my Kitchen Recipes Board and the Teacher Foodies Board, you will see I love to cook! I really do. I know most people find it a chore and a bore but I find joy and peace cooking. I love finding new ingredients and trying new recipes. So here I am to share in a new recipe I found while pinning away! A wonderful, low-fattish (not a word but it's my word) and delicious chicken salad recipe! I have eaten it for 3 days now (for lunch).  It's that good, people! 

You can download the original recipe {HERE}. 

I tweaked mine a bit. I used pecans instead of walnuts. I also used already cooked rotisserie chicken because I didn't have enough time to cook the chicken myself so mine had a mixture of white and dark meat. Still came out just as tasty and it was a bit quicker! Just a little tip if you are in a bit of a hurry or want something quick! 

I hope that you will join in on this fun linky or her Facebook page to share in some great meal planning ideas! I know I shared a great recipe for a fabulous s'mores dip that was GONE! 

Happy Eating!!