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Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Make It: Picture Tiles

Oh, how I love being crafty! I have as much crafting and arts supplies as I do teaching and cleaning supplies (I have a major cleaning disorder! My boys always ask me why it's cleaning day every day. That's just how I roll, kids!). So today I want to share with you a great and easy way to display your photos. They make great gifts, too. I've used them as coasters to give on Mother's Day or as table favors for a wedding or even for birthday parties to show special events in that person's life. 

The Modge Podge you use depends on you! Here I used the Glossy Finish. It has a really nice finish; some of you might like the matte finish. The size of tiles also depends on you. Like I mentioned, I used the plain white bathroom tile. A little tip, I wiped the tile off and let it dry before I started gluing my picture down. The tiles can be dusty. 

If it is a large group picture (meaning there are people almost to the edge of your photo), I would probably not use that photo unless you have a larger tile. 

I always like to display them with "plate holders" is the best way to describe them. I found mine at Hobby Lobby. They are super cheap. There is also a larger holder that can hold several "plates" or in this case tiles at a time. Just look around around and see what they have if this interests you. 


It really does make a beautiful display and family and friends always love it! 

It's a great summer project! I plan on making a few more for display. Speaking of summer, I'm helping a sweet fellow blogger with a Summer Giveaway! Meredith from Sunshine, Sand and Scissors 

Sunshine, Sand, and Scissors

is hosting a summer giveaway! And she got a fabulous makeover, too! It's perfect for her since she lives in FL, too! I hope you will join us as we are Flippin' for Summer Fun!

You can enter to win some great resources! Enter the Rafflecopter below:

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The contest will run until Monday, July 6th! Good Luck! 

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  1. This seems simple enough that my students may even be able to make them for Mother's day this year. Thank you! ~T