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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Top 10 Reasons I Became a Teacher

Hey all! Today I am linking up with my fellow Chalkie, Terry from Terry's Teaching Tidbts for her Tuesday Top 10! I love Top 10 lists! This week it's 

How fun is that? I always think back to why I became a teacher and why I am so happy I made the decision to become one. I didn't start off that way. I went to school to be a doctor-- like all Asian kids do. 

However, long story short and some large school loans to still pay off (and disgruntled parents), I changed my mind and I have been teaching young children for 12 years now! I love it for these top 10 reasons! 

10. Kids don't judge you. 

Kids are honest. Their learning and how they respond is so honest and I love that about them. You pretty much take them for face value. 

9. School Supplies! 

I have a fetish for school supplies--especially stickers! I have an entire drawer dedicated to them. I collect them and I admit, that I am a little stingy to give them away. I mean, I do put them on papers and such but I have a special collection, ahem... just for me. I love pencils, papers, washi tape, all the fun craft things! 

8. We get to play with cool apps and gadgets! 

I love using apps to help teach! I am a little geeky (but fun and cool, too) and love to use my iPad and activboard to teach with. We sing and dance our way to learn sometimes! Learning should be fun, engaging, and interactive. 

7. I love to create and be creative!

Creating meaningful lessons is what teaching is all about. I love to sit down and really look at my maps and see what scope and sequence I am needing to teach and find new and unique ways to deliver my instruction. My students will not always remember the "test" I gave them but they will remember the learning experiences that I give them to go through the process of learning and that is what is most important to me! I love when they get it and they so excitedly tell me that and I love that I can rejoice in that success of learning. Or if they are struggling, we can work together to find a way to make that struggle a success! 

6. Kids are blessings! 

No class is ever perfect. #truth
I believe that children are placed in your class for a reason; for you to love them and teach them. Some you will have to love extra hard. Some classes have their quirks. However, they are your babies!  I have been lucky to have a classful of great kids every year. I love their hugs, cards, apples, slip-ups when they call you mommy or GASP! Grandma! haha! I love their smiling faces (the best is when their front teeth are missing!) especially when they are smiling at you. 

5. Teacher Role Models

I can still remember my teachers' names from kindergarten to high school (most of them). My most favorite teachers are Mrs. Harkenrider who was my kindergarten teacher and Mrs. Hepsworth, my 2nd grade teacher. I loved them so much! Mrs. Harkenrider was so sweet and kind to me-- I went to school speaking no English but I just remember being comforted by her hugs and smiles. Mrs. Hepsworth was also so sweet and kind! When I became a teacher and started teaching at my current school, she was actually the media specialist at my school! Life really does become full circle sometimes and where we were once student and teacher, we are now colleagues. I told her how she inspired me to go into teaching and she always said she knew I would do great things! I love her!!! 

4. I work with the best team ever!

I know that working with a good team is important and not necessarily why I became a teacher, but they are one of the main reasons why I stay sane as a teacher!! These are my girls and I love them. We have been teaching together for many years and we get each other. They are my tribe as my sweet bloggy friend Tamara calls it. 

3. I go to school with my kids! 

As a mom, this was important to me. I wanted to be able to share in their day and their school experiences. I love that I get to go to school with them during their elementary years and see them at lunch or in the hallways. I know it won't be that way for middle or high school but for elementary school, I am enjoying having them with me. 

2. I love learning!! 

You never really stop learning. I learn something new everyday. In fact, I learned that a watermelon is both a fruit and vegetable!! Did you know that?? Anyhow, I try to encourage my students to always extend their learning and find out more about the things we learn about in class if they are still interested. I find myself constantly reading or watching some documentary on something. 

1. I wanted to have a career I loved!!!
Teaching is such a rewarding career. Obviously, I am not in the teaching career for money; if I was, then I am in the wrong profession. Teaching is a passion that I have always had and it is one that I go to bed at thinking that I am helping to shape the future. 

So that's all! I am sure we all have some similar reasons! I hope you'll link up with Terry or share them here with a comment! I love hearing stories on how teachers got their careers started! 


  1. I agree with all of these! Especially #10, #7 and #1! I love waking up every day looking forward to my "work." It's great to have a job we love, isn't it?

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