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Monday, September 2, 2013

Feeling Corny?? LOL!!!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all are enjoying this day off! It is very HOT here in FL and I pretty much stayed indoors all day. Although I was not labor free! LOL! I was working on a new fall unit for you! More on that later! 

SO this was our 2nd week of school and I must say it was MUCH better! I was actually getting into the groove of our new schedule and just getting to know their little personalities. I always use the beginning of the year to form bonds and friendships for my students. I tell them we are a family and we really are as we work together throughout the year and have to rely on each other for encouragement and support. So this past week we worked on two team building challenges. The first one was a House of Cards challenge. 

Can we say, DISASTER??? I talked that challenge up! We talked about what roles each group member would play and how they could discuss with each other how to build a tower. Each child had their own little deck of cards trying to build their own house. Two of my groups managed to put their heads together and try to talk about it. No one managed anything. 

So, the next day, we talked about the things we did right and what worked for us. We also talked about how we could improve our teamwork:

1. Talk to each other.
2. Give each other a chance to participate
3. Be fair to everyone. 
4. Everyone does their fair share

With that said, we did Science Gal's Cup Challenge and it was a success!! Look at their faces (well, most of their faces!)

The noise factor was insane but they really worked together and celebrated working together! Loved it!!! 

My creativity this weekend was in high spirits as I have been seeing so many Fall/Autumn decor in the stores! Fall is my absolute favorite season. It is just unfortunate that in FL Fall feels like summer and spring sometimes. One of my favourite cross curricular themes to teach is corn so I decided to create a packet about corn! Plus my husband is from Iowa and it was a tribute to him, too!!! 

It is a 65 page unit of corn-goodness!!! I'd love to give it away to one of you (it's not even uploaded on TPT yet!) to help you prepare for your Fall lessons! Here's the best part.... there's a great freebie for you on my FB page. You have to "like" my First Grade and Flip Flops page to download your freebie. 

Click on the picture above to grab your freebie then leave a comment on my FB page on your favourite Fall lesson to teach. I will select 2 comments using the random number selector Wednesday, September 4th. 

Hope you have a restful day and see you soon!!

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