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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ballpark with the Cats... What???

It's Sunday again and time to get ready for another week! We are entering our 4th week as a class family and things are going great! Slooowwwlllyyy but surely we are getting into the groove of things and I am getting assessments done-- I seriously need an aide just to help get them done. Why oh why are almost all of the assessments in first grade one-on-one?? Sheesh... but we get them done!!! Thankfully I have wonderful parent volunteers who help me out and they are definitely a valuable asset in the classroom!

I was able to relax a little yesterday, which explains why I have worked my butt off this morning, but that's okay!! It was worth it! We took our boys to their first baseball game! It was for a minor league team we have called The Daytona Cubs and we could not have picked a more perfect night to go! There was a breeze and no bugs!!! 

This is why I love Florida!!!

My kids NEVER look at the camera! I don't know why and it's annoying!!! LOL!!!

It was a great night! We ate so much trash food but that's the fun part!!!!

So, onto academics because this is a teaching blog, right??? LOL!!!Yeah... so this week we will be studying short /i/ word families of -in, -it, and -iss and my favourite way to study it is through one of my favourite characters:

I love Skippyjon Jones! Hees leetle accento is the best! And I love his adventures! The kids love him! I have downloaded the stories for my iPad and I put his website (click on picture to take you there) on my student computers and we have a blast learning short /i/ sounds and  Skippyjon Jones all week!!! 

In fact, I made a fun literacy unit to go along with it!! 

We will be using these centers this week. I hope to *remember* to take pictures of them using these centers. We get so engrossed in our learning that it can be very difficult to remember! Some days it's hard enough getting to lunch on time!!! 

I will be uploading it shortly.. but in the meantime... I have a FUN FREEBIE for you!!! I actually made it last year and updated it this year with just a different font. Click on the picture to download it!! 

I hope you all have a great week!!! Love you all!!!

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