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Sunday, October 13, 2013

An even FLASHIER sale for you!!

What a feeling!!! Hooray for TPT to hit 100K followers! I have to say that TPT has really changed how I make and choose the lessons I use in my classroom. They really showcase some of the best educator products out there from some fabulous teachers and bloggers (I know not all of them blog but most do!) 

I already have my little store at 20% off but I'd like to offer you a deal you simple cannot resist! I am offering my Pumpkin Math and Science Pack (well, after the discounts and all!) for just under $3.00 (I think it comes to $2.52!!!) !!! Just until the sale is over tonight! 

Click on pic to take you to my store! 

This packet includes:

Pumpkin Math and Science Anchor Charts for (weight, height, circumference, sink/float, and estimation)
Student Book with places for student evidence (such as they can glue their seeds and string for measurement within the pages)
5 day lesson plan all laid out for you
Parent Letter asking for pumpkin donations
Plus! A Bonus!!! Roll a Jack-o-Lantern Game to practice addition! 

Again, it's a SUPER bargain! 

Have super Sunday! 

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