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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Going Batty for Halloween!

I hope that our banner speaks volumes for my love of Halloween! It really is an obsession! If only I was at school now to take some pictures of my Halloween book collection and all my files that I do for Halloween! And now that I am a mother, my boys share in my love of Halloween! 

This past week, we worked out of my

(click on the pic to take you to my store!)

The kids had a blast with it! They (I wish I took their pictures but some were not from my homeroom class so I couldn't post their pictures) learned so many facts about bats! And the headbands were just oh-so-cute! Here is my little man modeling the headband!

Check out these facts! 

And guess who else has an AMAZING BATS pack?? My sweet friend, Tamara from

Has she got a bat pack for you!! 
Click on the pic to take you to her store!

It is so new, I haven't even begun to dig into the fabulous content that Tamara has packed in there! I really love her fluency practice pages as we know that firsties need that fluency benchmark of 60 WPM (at least in my district) and this is a great center to help practice that! She also has great literacy links for bats and great writing ideas, vocabulary builders, an emergent reader-- oh my!!! . She is just an all around fabulous creator! LOVE her!!
Well, we have teamed up to offer you some amazing products! Check out our Batty for Halloween Giveaway!

So many chances to win!!! SO many fun and great prizes to help you with this fun month of learning! Good luck!!

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