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Monday, November 11, 2013

It's All About the Turkey!

Happy Veteran's Day! Hope you all took some time to thank a veteran today! If you haven't had the chance, head over to my bloggy sister and fellow Chalkie, Deb Thomas' blog, Fabulously First and read her on-point post on Veteran's Day. Click her button to take you there! 

Fabulously First

In other news, last week we were all about the Turkey! Yep, we learned all we could about turkeys and works out of my packet:

The kids had such a great time learning about turkeys and learned some new facts they didn't know-- like they didn't know that wild turkeys were different than the ones we eat! We also worked on the skill re-telling and made my "Featherful Fact Writing" craftivity turkey from my packet. Look how cute they came out! We read

and did a retelling of the events of the story on the feathers.

They did such a good job! SO proud of them! 

We also worked on re-telling using ordinal words: First, Next, Then, Last and wrote on my teacher desk to re-tell our guided reader. YES! Wrote on my desk. They gave me a double take when I said this but they were ready to work! 

It's another great way to interact with text with no paper product and you can still see their thinking! Love it and they always ask now to write on my desk when we read to jot down notes or connections. 

I also started one of my two family projects. My Thankful Hearts. I posted about them on our collaborative blog. You can read about them by clicking here. I only had a few pictures at the time but will post more here this week. :-) The other project I sent home is our Disguise the Turkey Project! I always get such a kick out of this project (I think the original idea is from Second Story Window-- Thank you for the inspiration! And really, there are just so many out there! Again, I am not entirely sure on the original idea but I saw it here first and many other places! Again, if you are the original idea creator, please let me know so I can give you proper credit for this amazing idea!) On Friday, we read

A hilarious book if you get a chance to read it to your sweeties!

Then I told them all about the Disguise a Turkey project. Here are some examples from last year!

My son, Gabriel, told me that he wants to do Iron Man Turkey! How fun is that? If you'd like to do this project, here is a copy of the letter I used in my class so you can see the wording. I am leaving you with a copy of a blank template as well as the blank turkey template we used to disguise our turkeys. 

Click to grab this "insert your own text PPT file". 

Click to download from

Just a really fun idea and the kids (hope the parents do, too) love it! 

I also uploaded my newest Native American packet!

Click on the picture to take you to my store to check it out! 

I am putting it on sale along with my Turkey Pack! 

Have a great week! 

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