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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dr. Seuss Week in Review, Place Value, and Frogs!!

It's Sunday, friends! Trying to get back on the bloggy horse! Did you remember to Spring forward?? My sweet friend, Faith from 1st Grade Fantabulous posted this graphic to help remind us! 

Although I really didn't want the reminder that I was losing an hour of sleep, I knew it was a losing battle because it was going to happen anyway!!LOL! Thanks Faith for such a cute and helpful reminder!!! Plus it didn't help that I went to bed at 2 a.m.-- I mean really 3, right? LOL! I'll spend all day on fast forward! 

Last week was a great week with the good doctor-- Dr. Seuss. I managed to capture some pictures from our fun week. I had forgotten to take some so here are just some highlights:

Some I had already posted in Primary Chalkboard's linky but I wanted to post again because they are so cute!!! We did the Lorax on Friday and made the cutest hats but it was such a wack-a-doo day that I had no time! I will have to see if my intern managed to snap a few to share with you! 

This week is review week for us to practice place value before our district assessment. The district assessments, to me, are NO JOKE. So this week, we will be working on Math Centers to get our kiddos ready for the assessment next week. If you are teaching place value, I highly suggest beginning to teach the concept with the bean sticks! I know I've said it before, but I swear to you that the kids really got it!

All it takes is just some Lima beans, tongue depressors, and glue! It did take us about a week to make (drying time and such) but they got it. For more ideas on how I used bean sticks you can read about them

Here are some videos I found (there are few for primary but some for upper that are great for regrouping!)

I also uploaded two new centers along with an oldie but goodie to help us review place value this week! Click on the pictures to take you to my store if you'd like to check them out!

This week we are studying all about Frogs!!

EEK! Personally, I detest frogs but will sucking it up for the love of my students! We will be reading non-fiction and writing about frogs as well as studying two of my favourite fictional characters:

Frog and Toad! I just love them! And am super excited because our kids will be seeing a play about them as well! So, I had to bring out my centers for Frog and Toad! I will be updating this pack so be on the lookout for it but here is a picture of one of the centers included! 

The kids love this center! I will be posting more pictures of this pack in action this week! :-)

Hope you all have a super week! 

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