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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Read Across America Week!!

Hey everyone!!! It's Read Across America Week and I am linking up with my Chalkie sisters and kinda doing a hodgepodge of the past few days and linking up! I've been a bad blogger (always honest here) and have been falling asleep! That's what 37 has done to me! So lets get started! 

I actually kicked off off linky party with some of my favourite books that my boys and I like to read! You can read my post here. I wanted to add some other books like:

Any of the Skippyjon Jones books are just awesome!! In fact, my cat, Skippyjon Jones Hamlin is names after him!!

He is a gorgeous boy! But he is actually a bad boy!! He poops on the floor. Every.Time!!! Long story.... but I love him!!! 

Any of the Janell Cannon books are my faves, too! I love Verdi as well! Although, Stellaluna also gets me choked up when she and her mama find each other!! Love!!

If you've never read Owl Babies, it is just so darn cute and the pictures are stunning! 

I love to read this book during Halloween (plus, Halloween is my favourite holiday!) and it is great for sequencing and getting kids to be active participants in the story!

Again, I love this book because you can actually "sing" it to your kids instead of reading it. 

This week at our school, we are making a whole week of it. In fact, we got together with our media specialist and came up with some activities:

It has been pretty fun, so far! You have to know that my team and I always go all out for events like this. Today at our PD, everyone looked at us and was like, "Look at first grade!" LOL! Yes, we are that team! 

Here we are from yesterday, dressed as "Things"

And here are my "things!!"

So cute!!! <3

Then, today was "Wacky Wednesday"... we were all a hot mess!

I always say it... I cannot love these girls any more than I already do!!! 

We worked on wacky centers today, too! We made up silly stories using a quick little center I whipped up! They rolled dice to find the character, setting, and problem:

Click on paper to grab this writing!!! 

They had to come up with the solution to their own stories!!! They were hilarious!! I was too busy with some paperwork but some read me their stories and they were hilarious! One had a chameleon on an airplane and there was a dinosaur on the airplane terrorizing them. So their solution was that the chameleon blended in with their airplane surroundings and stuck it's tongue in the dinosaurs ear to stop it from roaring!! LOL! How fun is that!!! 

My class also worked on my Silly Cat Mirror Tricks center-- which they LOVED!!

Click pic to grab your copy!! 

You could hear their words of amazement!!! They loved it!! 

In activity, we dabbled in some art for the wacky activity to go along with our centers. Although it is not "wacky" I thought for them to go "outside" the box and be creative.  In their art special area, I know that they studied Picasso so we made Picasso faces. Here's mine! Don't judge! LOL!

And here are some of their's....

Love their creativity!! 

Tomorrow is Horton Hears a Who day and we will brainstorming ways to be kind to one another!! Always such an important thing to instill in others!! 

Please link up! Click on the graphic below to go to the Chalkboard and add your link! We'd love to see you!!

Hope you were able to grab some files and ideas!! Have a great week! 


  1. Love the Silly Cat's Mirror Tricks! I am definitely going to do this one next year with my class! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. So glad you picked it up and can use it for next year! :-)