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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bright Ideas: Spin for Comprehension!

Hi there!!! I'm so glad you stopped by today!! I'm so excited to be part of the Bright Ideas Linky today! I have learned soooo many new ideas since the last hop and am excited to share my simple idea with you! 

It actually started when I was at Dollar Tree a few weeks ago and I saw these (among other things and then the Dollar Tree turns into the Fifty Dollar Tree! LOL! I'm sure you can relate!) and had to have them!

Hence, the birth of my Bright Idea!!! I'm always looking for unique and fun ways to build comprehension in my class. So, I thought I would write questions on the petals and use them in guided reading groups!

This is the best part! You tailor the questions you want!! For mine, I had two comprehension wheels: One for fiction and non-fiction.

On my fiction wheel, some ideas to ask are (the ones I used are bolded):

What is the setting?
Who are the characters?
What is the problem
How is the problem solved?
Would you have chosen a different ending? 
What is the key idea? Find a supporting detail. 
Did the characters change in the story?
What is the theme?
What is the author's purpose?
What was your favourite part and why?
Compare and contrast 2 characters.

On my non-fiction wheel, some ideas to ask are (the ones I used are bolded):

Tell about a new fact you learned.
Does the text provide evidence through pictures or drawings? Show us!
Does the text have a map, diagram or map? Explain one to us. 
What did you already know about the topic?
Pick a Power Vocabulary word from the text. Teach us.
How can you learn more about this topic?
What is the key idea? Find a supporting detail. 
Why is this topic important?

The possibilities are endless!!! 

As you can see, we used it in reading groups and the kids were so eager to spin the wheel and discuss the text with each other and me. It was so exciting and fun to see them so engaged in text talk. 

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  1. Love this idea, think I might need to go to Dollar Tree today! :-)

  2. This is genius! This would be a great addition to my book club!!

  3. How cute and fun! My kids would love it!! Mahalo for sharing!!

  4. Leslie,
    This is the best idea ever! I love it so much and must copy it for next year. Thanks doll!
    Teaching and Much Moore

  5. Love this idea, you clever girl! I have to get to $ Tree more often.


  6. This is a fantastic idea and I loved seeing the flower in action with your students. I am headed to the Dollar Tree today in hopes that they have this flower. Great "Bright Ideas" post!!!

  7. What a fabulous idea! I love how you used a simple Dollar Store item to create something so useful in your classroom! Thanks for sharing :)
    Fun in Room 4B