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Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Made It!! Shower Curtain Mats

It's Monday! Normally I dread Monday's but since vacation begun, we're good... at least for the next few weeks until school begins. As I mentioned the other day, I'll be stopping in now and then with some ideas and posts with some ideas and projects that I have lined up for this upcoming school year! 

Like you, I have a literacy block that is timed for 120 minutes (yes! 120 minutes!). Within that time frame, we do our Intervention/RTI as well as work with our whole group and meet with guided reading groups. As my kids are engaged in their centers, one of the centers that they always love are my Shower Curtain Mats. 

All you need are Dollar Tree Shower Curtains liners and some flyswatters! I think this might have cost me $3.00 plus tax! 

Basically, I had one of my lovely Momma Volunteers make some squares/rectangles on the mat and then write in the letters of the keyboard. Taa-daa!!

My kids love this! We use this to practice sight words, phonics patterns, vocabulary, any kind of word work you would want. I've used it like a Twister Hop game where they've taken off their shoes (they must wear socks!) and they have to hop and call out  the letters as they spell the word. It's great for learning where the keys are on the keyboard as well! You know how kids are so computer and tech savvy these days. 

Hope you find this useful for your classroom! 

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