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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Such a long day and..... Mother's Day Projects

Wow!! What a day!! I am pooped!! Today was my town's Relay for Life event. I came by early in my 80's fabulousness (it was an 80's theme-- you could imagine my delight as I am an 80's girl!!!!) to help set up and participate a bit and then birthday party this afternoon. I am one tired girl. My poor boys are even more tired!!! It is for a good cause so I cannot complain-- too much!!!

So.. only 23 days of school left and I realize that time is ticking by and am trying to squeeze in as much fun learning as I can. This week, we are going Dino Crazy!!! I will be using Abby's Dino Centers this week. The kiddos LOVE these centers. I will also be making fossils using some Crayola Model Magic, shells, and some   footprints from toy dinosaurs. I will post some pictures for you this week.

I also found some great youtube videos, songs, websites to go along with our study on dinosaurs:

Video about fossils


Reading rainbow video about dinosaurs/fossils:

Dinosaur Song:

A fun song for transition:

Websites for kids:

Other goings on... 

It's my annual Mother's Day Tea Party this Friday!!!  And here is why I love motherhood:

Gabriel and Aidan!!! They drive me CRAZY some days but when those little arms hug me, we have dance parties!!, when we lay down before bed and read together, play games together, and laugh together--- it's worth it!!!! They are growing up so fast that I cannot stop time fast enough! 

Although I acknowledge that everyday we should celebrate all the family members but... it is nice to set aside a special day! The kids have been fabulous in keeping our projects secret.
Here are some projects my class will be doing (click on the pictures to take you to the links):

Thumbprint necklace 

For the Moms-- Tea Party Hats

And now... a FREEBIE for you! Click on the picture to take you to Google Drive to download this simple writing activity! Enjoy!!

I am off to go and create as I find it relaxing. I know my body is tired but my brain is a-buzz with ideas for summer centers. I am also excited as I am almost (well, hopefully getting there) to 100 followers!!! If you are reading this and have not become a follower, please do so! I will be doing a 100 follower giveaway! Tell your friends to hop over and join! Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the weekend!

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