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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!!

Yes... sadly friends, it is!! However, through my calculations, I have only 3 Mondays to go (we have Memorial Day off). The end of the year is approaching fast!! Whoa! Still so much I want to do!!!

Hope you all had a great Mother's Day-- whether you are a mommy, a fur baby mommy, a mommy to be, any position with a mothering role-- I hope it was a great day! We spent some of the day with my mommy and the rest I was doing what I always do-- cooking, cleaning, laundry-- because I know it is so hard to get it all done during the week! If you have any tips on getting it ALL done so you can play all weekend, I'd LOVE to know your secrets! LOL! 

My two little loves, Gabriel and Aidan! The reason I live and breathe! Speaking of Mom's, my 
Mother's Day Tea Party was a huge success! As a hostess, I wasn't able to take as many pictures as I wanted but I managed to snag a few:

Our tea party hats! 

Pampering center! 

Photo Booth

Photo Booth props

I served iced tea-- I didn't want a McDonald's incident where someone was scalded by hot tea!!! 

It was so fun to see every one's faces. Just a true delight! The mom's loved their gifts and the kids had a blast serving their mom's food and drink-- "Yes! My mom needs 3 cookies!" LOL! Loved that one. And they loved their gift bags! Click here to see some of what we made. 

This week we also started our Space Unit. Growing up in FL and being so close to Kennedy Space Center, space travel and exploration have always been so cool to me. I think I might've been an astronaut if it wasn't for the motion sickness thing! I loved hearing the sonic boom as the astronauts came home. If you've never heard it, here's a clip. You'll hear it at about the 40 second mark. 

We also tasted some astronaut food! 

I think their favourite was the ice cream! Hmmm! I wonder why! I found the astronaut food at Michaels Craft Store-- no need to travel to Kennedy Space Center! We are still learning about planets this week and played this Planet Rap for the class! Check it out! 

My kids were moving and groovin'! 

We are also starting our Ocean Unit this week (see!! Lots I still want to study and cover!) and am working out of my newest packet

I'm giving one copy away on my Facebook page! Click here to enter! I will pick a winner tomorrow (Monday) after Boy Scouts. 

Don't forget that the Teacher Appreciation week mega giveaway also ends tomorrow! There are TEN prize packs going to some lucky winners!!! Click here to enter. Wish I could enter!! I love the planner-I seriously need organizational help some days! 

Hope you all have a great week!