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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mother's Day Ideas and Teacher Appreciation

Hope you are all having a great Teacher Appreciation Week! I've so enjoyed getting showered with love, flowers, and small tokens of thanks! It has made this teacher heart warm!! 

This week is my annual Mother's Day Tea Party! So excited to have the special ladies come to our classroom to spend some time with us! I had a blast last year. 




I had set up little stations like...

I'll be doing the same again this year! So much fun! Of course, we have our little gifts that I wanted to share with you if you need a last minute gift idea...

I did these picture tiles:

Seriously-- they are elegant and take no time to do and dry! One of my mom's is a professional photographer so she did take them!! They are 4 x 4 prints. I modpodged them onto tile (regular, white bathroom tile I bought from Lowes or Home Depot)-- use the matte finish. They dried within an hour!! You can back them with felt or place ribbon-- use a hypoxy glue for strength as hot glue will not be strong enough. 

We also made fingerprint necklaces.


I used Crayola Air Dry clay. Made a small disk, created a hole, and had each kid put a small thumbprint. They took about a day or so to dry. I used necklace string and a clasp and then just took some scrap paper to package it. Tomorrow I am having the kids attach a label with "Thumb-Body Loves You" and their thumb print characters. Again, simple, cute, wearable! 

I am really looking forward to this event. My son made me a necklace for Mother's Day when he was in pre-school and that inspired this necklace. I always wear it! It's things like that, that you will always cherish and remember! 

Hopefully, you've been keeping up with our week long event:

Today's Giveaway is all about

I'm just in love with both of these!! Enter our Raffle copter below!

Then, come back tomorrow because it's all about



Hope you all have an amazing Mother's Day! Enjoy your day! I'll be with my little boys-- probably cleaning because that's what I love to do-- according to them! LOL! 


  1. My dream classroom would be super organized with a storage place for everything. It would be bright with coordinating borders and papers. I love all the pics of School Girls rooms- any one of those would be my dream! Carol

  2. The one item I couldn't live without in my classroom is my computer. I use it to for so many things- lessons, running the doc cam & smart board (so I guess I'd need all those to. LOL). Carol

  3. My dream classroom would have a loft for reading and a writing center underneath.