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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Some Easter fun coming your way!

I didn't realize that Easter was coming so soon! That's what happens to me when I am on break. Kinda like when you were in high school and ALWAYS forgot your locker combination when you came back from breaks! It happened to you, too, right? LOL!

With this holiday coming up, I had to get my behind in gear and get some centers together and ready! 

I have a confession: I love going to the Dollar Tree at this time of year (and on Valentine's, Halloween, Christmas, etc... any holiday!) and buying those plastic eggs!! Yes, it has become an obsession of mine but I especially love the eggs. So I went and bought some of these

They had other fancier ones but these were great for what I needed. 

This week we are working on the r-controlled sound of -ar so I put some word scramblers in my eggs. I usually have colored paper but this year decided to use foam sheets to make them more tactile and durable. 

Just cut them into strips, grab a few sharpies and you're set! 

I also number my letter tiles and eggs. Call me a neat freak but it's more like I don't want to hear that a word is not a word because the tiles are all messed up or missing! My class this year is not the neatest! 

I did the same thing for some easy rabbit sentence scramblers, too! Same idea. Although you might want to play around with it. I had a lots of trimming to do to make sure everything fit. 

I also made another word work activity for my kids. They really need help with making words. Every time I have put that in a center, it's like a whole new world to them. SO again, at the Dollar Tree, I saw some pool noodles and thought of Scrabble and BOOM! I made Word Makers. I cannot claim my fame on these. I have seen similar items at Lakeshore where they hold letter tiles like the game but this was my simple version. 

Cut the pool noodles with a serrated knife. I cut mine about 7 inches. 

Then slice them in half as best as you can. Mine were not perfect but it worked! 

Take a Sharpie and draw a line for where you will cut. It will also help students see where to place their letter cards. 

Then I just used my Xacto blade to cut. You do not have to cut all the way down-- I just used the length of the blade. 

I pinched it back to make sure the slit was open and deep enough. 

Since we are working on -ar words, that's what I made!

Then I bagged them up and yes! I numbered the letter cards. Had to-- OCD doesn't allow me to not number them! Now they are ready to roll out for Monday! 

Pretty easy and it took me about an hour to cut and get letter cards done. You can use these for any word making set. I am thinking about making a longer version for sentences but not sure how they would all fit at a center table! 

We will be making bunny baskets this week and I love that project! They come out so cute and it's simple! I'll try to post that for you tomorrow! 

Don't forget out The Primary Chalkboard's Picture Your Selfie in Vegas giveaway we have going on! 

It's got some SWEET prizes! I'd like to win but can't. You can get my Vegas Trip Tip and card number from my FB page.  Then head over to the Primary Chalkboard and enter (once you hop through and gather the tips and numbers) for your chance to win! 

Hope you all have a great week! 


  1. I AM IN L.O.V.E. with that idea using noodles. fabs! stealing and giving credit to you! my kids are gonna freak out. thanks again!