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Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Myth of the Perfect Classroom!

The perfect classroom day! What does it look like to you? What does it feel like? Sound like? How did it "go down"? I think that it's absolutely hilarious when interns/volunteers come in and they actually see life in the classrooms. The wide eyed looks are taken in with much sympathy and empathy from me because I know how they feel.  It's NOT like those videos they show you in class, is it? Or like in the movies. Not AT ALL! The little ones talk and move around constantly and the big ones do, too! They just do it on a larger scale and with attitude! Not all of them; the majority of them are really good! 

As a 12 year veteran in the classroom and the ultimate perfectionist, I have learned to just go with the flow. Sounds like an oxymoron but those of you who suffer from my same affliction of perfectionism and who are in the field of education know what I am talking about...sometimes you just have learn to let some things things go. If you don't you will drive yourself into an early grave and have to be heavily medicated and imbibe in some strong spirits after school OR you will cause yourself unnecessary stress and ain't nobody got time for that.  You could also end up like me who deals with life struggles with sarcasm and humour, too! That gets me by pretty well! LOL!  We all know that in reality your days and how you perceive you lessons, your kids, and the flow of your classroom look nothing like this

but seem more like this

Are you nodding your head?? Let me share some humour with you! 

Last Friday, my room looked similar to the image above, except we were taking a test. I got a call from the office that a child was leaving. Child gets up and starts to pack while the walkers are waiting for them. The other kids at their desks are waiting for me patiently to finish the test with them.

Now comes a knock at the door. Two kids are standing there with a box and a note. 

Kid 1: "I don't know why my teacher is giving you this box. There's nothing in here"
Kid 2: (standing there twirling hair): Here's the note....
Then they start to walk away
Me: No! Wait! Don't go yet! 

**Mind you, I still have kids waiting for me to finish the test and the kids waiting for me to dismiss them to the office as I am still putting papers in the folder, marking behaviour folder).

I unfold the note and I learn that one of my fellow teachers needs feminine items and that I was to *discretely* place the items in the box. Gotcha! 

Ok... I got this. 

I run to my purse and place the items in the box and as I look over I see chaos start to ensue. The kids at their desks are getting restless and talking to the kids who are waiting for the feminine items and Kid 2 is STILL twirling her hair oblivious to the impending chaos around her, the kids are waiting for me to give them the folder that I still had clutched in my hands, and NOW I hear another knock at the door!!


I quickly get the office kids on their way (I'm buzzed again to see what the delay is!! They have NO idea!!!). 

I give the box to the other kids and threaten them to not look in the box in case they discover a new type of q-tip or something. Kid 2 is still oblivious and twirling her hair! It was so funny!! 

And I open the door to let the other kids out and another set of kids in!!!

It was chaos in the span of 10 minutes! 

At that moment in time, I decided that I had to stop the test as I had lost them at that point and that we would have to continue another day when they were more focused instead of having the constant carousel of children coming in and out of our door!! 

The perfectionist teacher in me would have tried to regain control and continued on with the test; however in reality I know they would not have given me their best given all he distractions of the afternoon. I had to cut my losses and move on. 

Please tell me you've had days like this! It was too comical not to share and I know you all feel my pain and can laugh at my day! 

The myth of the perfect classroom simply does not exist. And I am thankful for that! I will take my chaotic classroom where real teaching and situations arise any day!!! 

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  1. Loved this! Story of my life most of last year with all the interruptions in my class. The perfect classroom...I think it's a myth!