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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Five for Friday! but I am a day late.... Oh well!!!

Well.... it my edition of Five for Friday Saturday edition! I tell you that I have been worn and ton this week for sure!!!! This is SUMMER, right? This week I have been waking up at 6-6:30 every morning to do swim lessons with my monkeys this week!

1. This is one of Gabriel at the family pool-- the one from swim lessons did not download correctly so I will have to retake it next week! We have been contemplating swim lessons for a while now and bit the bullet and signed them up for lessons at the YMCA and Gabriel has done so well! Aidan-- not so much! Day 1 was good... Days 2 and 3 were a disaster! He's 4 and I think he's just young and fearful. Nothing like a crying and screaming kid at the YMCA! 

2. T-Ball anyone? Another reason for my waking up early! We have begun the t-ball and baseball years! Aidan will be joining big brother next year! 

3. See this cute cat? This is my Skippy! Skippyjon Jones Hamlin! I have been working on re-litter training him. We are at our wits end! He has been peeing in the sink and pooping on the floor! It has been a battle. He is a young cat and not sick so I have been on poop patrol! Pray for me! LOL!

4. We love ice cream! I swear that this has become our daily treat almost every day! It's a food group, right?

5. Lastly, Happy 39th birthday to my dear husband! His birthday is tomorrow (the 30th). He is working and will not be with us (he is a pilot) so we celebrated with the boys early. 

This was an absolutely non-academic post. I decided to give my brain a bit of a break. I haven't forgotten about my 100 follower celebration-- just didn't give it top priority this week.... Still working on something fabulous!  

 Enjoy the rest of your weekend and week! 


  1. Such a fun week, Leslie! Your boys are just too cute! I wake up at 6 every morning because the baby doesn't understand the whole "sleeping in" thing. I think I would rather it be for t-ball and swim lessons!

    The Applicious Teacher

    1. Babies just don't get that you want to sleep in! My kids still don't get it either! One day hopefully!!! Hope all is well with you! Can't believe your little one is such a roly-poly! So cute! I still love that stage, too!!!