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Sunday, June 9, 2013

It's a Linky Party! Classroom Decor!

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Let me start off with my classroom this year! My theme was "First Grade Goes to Hollywood!" and I loved it.....for three years! I had it all! Popcorn boxes for pencil holder, tickets, movie reels, their tables were named after famous old time movie stars ("The Duke" table, 'Elvis" table, etc...",  their jobs were jobs that were jobs on a movie set, movie posters galore, the classroom rules were "Takes", etc.... It was fun while it lasted! It was a colourful and fun room indeed. 
 Here are some pictures of my classroom this year...

That was the old... and now the new!!!

Classroom decor is something that always helps me start the year off on the right foot! Well, in this upcoming school year's case, a pair of these:

while I sing this song:

You guessed it! My classroom decor/theme is The Wizard of Oz. I am so excited to launch this theme this year. I had this theme in my head even before the newest Oz movie came out. 

Desk Organization:
My desks are organized in groups of 4/5 so that I can use Kagan structures with my class but I had planned on hanging hot air balloons and numbering them:

Classroom Decor
Chevron! I think I may have a slight obsession at the moment! I currently don't have any pictures of my room with chevron as I had to take down my room which was a Hollywood theme but I do plan on putting chevron in my room in various rainbow colours to go with the "Over the Rainbow" theme.Actually, I am eyeing Schoolgirl Style's "Learn Colorfully" Rainbow Chevron theme for my room!! It's FABULOUS!!! If only I can convince Brian, my dear husband of how fabulous it is, too!!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road!!! I plan on having a yellow brick road on "Meet the Teacher" leading up to my room with the "Wicked Witch of the East" scene by my door. I basically wanted my portion of the hallway to look like Munchkinland so I will have giant flowers on the wall and various quotes from the movie on the wall. On my door, I am thinking a yellow brick road with Emerald City at the top and the names of my class on the bricks or just boy/girl cut outs on the yellow brick road leading up to Emerald City. 

Classroom Management
I know that this is another topic and I will go into that in more detail later but I think I can really use the characters to help with character education and that is one of my pet projects this summer to create posters for character education, classroom expectations, classroom signs-- all Wizard of Oz themed. 

Hopefully, you have an "idea" of what my room will look like for next year. Still in the process of thinking of creative ideas so I may add to this link! Let me know what you think or if you have ideas of your own!

I also have a Pinterest board for all the ideas I find! Click on the image to take you there!:

Be sure to check out the other links for more great classroom decoration ideas!


  1. Lovin' this theme! Can't wait to see it in real life! LOL! That is a great idea for character education. So darn smart! Thanks for linking up! You'll have to link back up next week to tell us more about your behavior system for next year!

    The Applicious Teacher

    1. Thanks, Leigh! I will link back next week for the behaviour one! :-)

  2. Leslie!
    How fun is THAT! :) I think that the kids are going to LOVE it! :) You need to write a unit on TORNADOES for them to do in science! :) You could even do that experiment where they make a tornado out of two 2 liter bottles! :) Oh gosh...the ideas are endless! :) I can't wait to see what everything looks like once you put your special touch on it at the beginning of the year! :) Thanks for sharing this idea! :) Just delightful! ;)


    Mrs.Russell's Room
    First Grade

    1. Thanks, Tamara! You actually just gave me a great idea on tornadoes! I was thinking of making my reading area into a tornado bc let's face it, after the kids go in there looking for books, it looks like a tornado! I thought of a creating a huge one out of paper and titling it "Reading Alley" similar to Tornado Alley and having a saying "Get Caught Up in a Good Book!" and have book jackets stuck to the tornado! So thanks for the idea, sister! I actually had a unit for Wizard of Oz and may add a science unit for tornadoes... Thanks for the great ideas! :-)

  3. whole post was about how I was "not going to do the theme thing anymore" and I'm just sticking with my polka dots....but now seeing all the cute links like yours I just might change my mind. Wizard of Oz??? Brilliant! I have a Carry On sign behind my desk that says, Stay Calm and Follow the Yellow Brick Road. On bad days I place my palm on it and say, "There's no place like home, there's no place like home." Just kidding, there are no bad days in 1st grade! I love your blog, and your ideas. I am your newest follower, so glad to find you!
    Heather Langley

    1. LOL! I love the Carry On Sign, Heather! I might need that for my desk this coming school year! I just find each year gets tougher and tougher! I saw your polka dot theme and I love it! Like I said, I am going to put that into my theme/colour scheme/pattern this year! Well, if you did change your mind you can-- it's your room! I say, do what makes you happy! You have to live there for 10 months! LOL! I am so glad we found each other and hope to stay in touch through our blogs! :-)

  4. What a fun theme! I loved when Krissy at Venspired did it last year. Did you see her pictures?

    If not here's a link There's No Place Like Learning

    She has more pictures and the downloads for her posters on her flickr site down at the bottom of the post.

    room 4 imagination

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I just saw Krissy's theme! Love it! Thanks for letting me know! It is good for me to see someone else have that theme, too!! It is definite inspiration! :-)

  5. Hi, Leslie! I just found you from Leigh's linky, and I must say, what an adorable theme! As a teacher who lives in Dorothy's state of KS, I completely approve:) You are going to have such fun with all those bright colors, and I'll for sure have to check back to see what your behavior/management system is...since I'm your newest follower:)

    1. Hi Amber!! Thanks for stopping by! I am so glad you did! I am excited to start this theme! I am your newest follower, too! Looking forward to seeing all the great things in your classroom, too! :-)

  6. I just found your blog through the link! I am glad I did...Can't wait to see how your room turns out. I am your newest follower!
    Two Friends In First

    1. Hi Kheila! So glad we found each other! Thanks for stopping by!! I am your newest follower, too!