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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer is Here... well, (for me) almost....And a linky party!

June is here is school's out for me (for those still in school, hang in there!!!)-- as of last Wednesday. This year our district gave us one day of post planning, so my usual ADD self had to hustle and bustle to get my room packed up for the summer. Now, unlike most people when I feel overwhelmed I go in shutdown mode so some days were better than others but I managed to get it done!

In other words, my sweet little boy graduated Kindergarten! The last day he came in my room screaming "First Grade, here I come!!! WoooooHooooo!!" I had to tell him to stop acting wild; although secretly I was very excited for him just not at 6 in the morning! 

Here is a picture of us at his end of the year program:

It was such a sweet time!!

Now I am looking forward to spending time with my cuties! Well, almost... Next week I have to attend a common core workshop so once that is done, I can relax. Gabriel will be starting t-ball and Aidan will happily tag along with his big brother.

I will also be participating in The Applicious Teacher's weekly linky party this summer:

So, please check it out! Tune in tomorrow as I unveil my plans for next year's classroom theme/decor! For those who know me and have been to one of my famous parties, they know how I plan and decorate so you will not want to miss out! 

See you then! 

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