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Friday, March 15, 2013

Extraordinary Spuds and a Freebie!!!

Today was a crazy day! Friday.... is all I can say! The kiddos had a magical day! The hats were a hit this morning and I definitely had believers at the end of the day! The leprechauns wrote them a note explaining that they were too busy dancing a jig and that was why their hats had shrunk more than they should have-- it didn't matter to them as they just enjoyed the fact that their hats had shrunk and then towards the end of the day came the magic leprechaun pudding! Oh my!!!! You would have thought we were at a sporting event. I told them that they had to believe that a leprechaun was near or it wouldn't turn green. They took that to mean, the louder they chanted the greener it would become. I swear, the whole building heard us! They were just amazed! I wished I took pictures but I was too amused by them I forgot! But I did remember to put pictures of my spuds activity! So stinkin' cute! I don't remember where I saw the idea originally so I am sorry...
Army Spud

Super Spud

Surfer Spud

French Fry Spud (LOL!)

Gymnast Spud

Leprechaun Spud

Aren't they the cutest??? They are so creative!!!! 

Next week we will be working on more Key Ideas and Details in non-fiction as well as cause and effect (zoinks!!!) I will be posting some other ideas and centers to share with you. I am also working on abbreviations in grammar and to tie in the cause and effect we will be working with Laura Numeroff books and a spin on If You Give a Dog a Donut, I have created this little freebie for you on abbreviations! Just click on the picture to download the center. Hope you can use it!!! 

Click me for a freebie center!!

So, it's Friday and my sweetie husband is actually home and that is rare (he is a pilot) so I am actually going to talk to him for a bit! Ha! Plus my little boy Aidan is sick-- I think he got what I had so it will be a long night! Take care!!!