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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Off to see the Wizard and the week before Spring Break!

What a busy day I have had and all in my PJs!!!! I have had Oz on the brain all day and have finally finished my mini-unit on The Wizard of Oz. I will be using it when I come back from Spring Break so I decided to go ahead and finish the files so they would be ready to use. Click on the picture to check it out! I would have loved to include some craftivites in it but there are already wonderful resources out there. There are LOTS of Common Core Standards being met in my packet such as The Wicked Character Compare:

The kiddos will spin 2 characters and then compare and contrast them! Wizardly syllables, a sentence scrambler, a text to self connection, etc.... Really love the activities I put in here and cannot wait to use them. I know that I really don't have a lot of activities posted on TPT yet but I am so careful as to what I put out there because I know what my students need and I try to create materials that meet their learning needs and ones that are fun!!! So if you are a new follower of mine, please be patient as I do have lots of resources but just don't have time to upload them. It really does take a long time! 

SO, this is the week before Spring Break and I have a feeling it will go by sllooowwwwlllyyyy... Pray for me as this week is also my observation week! Yikes! I much prefer the old days when I just had a good old pop-in observation (of course my butt cheeks still puckered when they walked in with their clipboards but I calmed down and just went with it... As the saying goes... Keep calm and pretend it's on the lesson plan!!! Ha! That really doesn't apply to me because I am super anal about lesson plans! But then again there are THOSE days....) . None of this fill out a million questions before you teach... Just do it-- like Nike says! 

I wish you all a great week and I will let you know how my evaluation goes!  

For my parents who are new to my blog, the secret password is:

The Wizard of Oz

Parents: Be sure to have your student write the secret password on the paper provided, bring it to school and they will have earned a band!!! Thanks for supporting me in the classroom. Come back and look for class projects and events! 

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