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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I survived with a few minor bumps.....

I made it!!! I survived my observation today!!! I was a bit nervous.. being a 9 year veteran I still get nervous but I just kept telling myself...

I had a little bump in the road though... this week we are focusing on Cause and Effect relationships and I made Kagan cards for "I Have, Who Has" with cause and effect statements and I LOST THEM!!! I really tried not to panic and I looked everywhere and thankfully I had fan pick cards for the same skill that I could pull but I know the kids were looking forward to beating their time from the previous day (I time them each time we run through the cards to see how fast they can go through the skill because we know that this structure is an exercise in listening and paying attention!!!!) so I had to start my lesson telling them we couldn't do it because I lost the stinkin' cards!!!! Oh well!! That's real teaching isn't it? I always say, "Go with the flow!" I eventually did find the cards after the fact that my observation was over (figures...) so to soften the blow, I am offering them for FREE in my store... Click on the picture to go to my store and to download them for free! Also check out my newest Wizard of Oz center.. it's totally cute and colourful and full of great literacy centers! 

Tomorrow is Thursday and then Friday...... Then Spring Break!!!!! Just a few more days! My sweet little family will be traveling to Minnesota to see my husband's family and there will be SNOW!! I own like 3 winter things and my boys even less....

Not too cold but still cold....The good thing is we'll be back Wednesday when I can enjoy the sunshine for the latter half of our spring break. :-) 

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