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Sunday, March 31, 2013

In the Home Stretch....

I am back! Spring Break is over and we are in the home stretch! This grading period is 55 days long with very little days off and FCAT (state exams) in 10 days!!! So the song I have in my head is:

I know that we can do this!!! As I head into this stretch I know that there are so many skills and standards that need to be focused on and taught and I feel the pressure!!!! It doesn't all wind down for me until the very end! So, what will we be working on? Well, lots of things! When we return tomorrow (Zoinks!) we will be doing my Wizard of Oz centers and working on Fairy Tales again as we focus on Key Ideas and Details. We will also be working on comparing/contrasting the experiences of the characters. If you haven't had a chance, please check out my packet on TPT... It is not very artsy oriented (meaning no craftivities as I did not want to infringe upon others creative ideas) but there are great literacy and Common Core based activities in there! 

In other news, my class has been doing Made for 1st Grade's Gumball Math Packet and it has been a HUGE hit! They love it! It is a fun way to practice math facts. Now in retrospect it is something I should have done all year but with adapting to full implementation of the Common Core this year I just couldn't do it! Better late than never! 

So in personal news,  I have to say that I enjoyed my Spring Break! I cannot say that every year... with DH as a pilot we do not always spend a lot of time together as a family. This year, we did take time to visit with his family in MN. It was cold, don't get me wrong.. I was COLD! My kids enjoyed the snow and playing in the snow: 

At first they didn't know what to make of it but they had a total blast!  Now compare that to what we came home to:

Yeah.... BIG difference!!!! 

Anyhow... so back to business... in the next weeks, we will be working on plants as well and here are some pictures of some projects we will be doing! Click on the pictures for more information. I am also working on a Going Buggy unit so stay tuned!!! 

Hope you all have a great week!!!! 


  1. We vacationed in Minnesota this summer. What a beautiful place to visit.
    First Grade Carousel

  2. We love MN and the shopping there ( well I LOVE it) and would live there but it is so cold! It really is so pretty! My in-laws live by Lake Minnetonka (sp) and it was breathtaking!