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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Earth Day and Insects!

Here we are again... Sunday and work again... Yesterday was much of the same thing! I am trying to really get into the hang of the bloggy thing and posting weekly but this thing called LIFE gets in the way... LOL! Just check out my cute kinder after school the other day.... And the little one had an ear infection but was complaining his cheek hurting and just would not stop crying (really?? Good thing I took him to the pediatrician and thank goodness for weekend hours!!)

So I just finished my unit on insects and I feel happy! It is totally cute and I am so excited to post it to TPT. You can click on the cover picture to take you there. I have included a little freebie at the end of this post, too, from that center for being a loyal follower. It's a page from my new unit. I hope you will consider buying my unit I know that there are ALOT of units out there) because I have this great activity center that goes along great with our story in 2 weeks:

It's called "Be a Bug Detective" where students will use a magnifying glass to look for bugs hidden within a picture and they will graph and tally it! How stinkin' cute and fun is that?? 

That is just one of many great lessons in this packet. Please check it out!!!

In other news, this week we are celebrating Earth Day!!! We will be making this man...

RECYCLED MAN Sculpture! I asked my class to bring in pieces of CLEAN but used pieces of tin foil to bring into class. So this weekend I will cut them as seen below (you can't really see the bottom) but you are supposed to cut the foil in half (by cutting up almost midline) so you can make legs. You form the man by folding inward until you have a man shape. The best way for him to stay on his platform is for you to hot glue him down. I have attached the labels for you as well (click on the word "labels" to take you to the Google doc). 

I hope your kiddos enjoy this recycled art project. I know mine LOVED it last year!!

FCAT starts this week for the intermediate grades so I want to wish all my former students the BEST OF LUCK on their exams. I know they will do well! 

So, here is your freebie from my new unit... Under the Microscope. I like this FREEBIE because you can use it for so many things. For example, I usually buy crickets from Petco or sometimes kids will bring in insects for me to look under the microscope and it's a great worksheet to go along with this center. Or if you have one of those bug viewer tools or a magnifying glass it will work, too! Click on the picture to get your freebie!

I am also participating in my 1st ever Blog Hop in a few weeks so I am a bit nervous as I have said before this is my first venture into the blog world... What do I use as a freebie? To me a freebie should be something really good... Any advice, ideas??? 

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