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Friday, April 26, 2013

Orange 'Ya Glad it's a BLOG Hop??? It's Coming!!! Be there or.....

be square!!! It's my first ever blog hop!!! A little nervous and excited. No clue what I am doing but these ladies from above have been AMAZING and supportive! It starts at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 27th. You can visit  Tamara of Mrs. Russell's Room as your first stop.

Be sure to show them some love and become followers as you hop from blog to blog grabbing their fantastic products for good use in your classroom AND grabbing your FREEBIES!!! Who doesn't love FREE??? I promise that you will not be disappointed! I am especially excited to reveal my freebie tomorrow as it is one I know that we can ALL use so please be sure to hop on by!!! 

In other news I am so glad that FCAT testing is DONE!!! Thank goodness because I am not sure how long I could've taken to a different schedule any more. As a team player I am always happy to accommodate others but man, it just goes to show how important routine really is to the primary kids!!! Can I GET an AMEN???? I sometimes liken them to ants--- you change up one eensy, tiny little thing and they are out of whack!! So now that testing is all over and I can go back to my normal life I hope that their behavior can go back to normal, too! There is only so much redirection and just dance wii on youtube I can take in one day to get the wiggles out! Go ahead! You know you want to now!! LOL! 

I am also preparing for my annual Mother's Day tea event. It is coming along swimmingly but time consuming!! We made our photo frames today and will continue to shower the women in our lives with sweet tokens! Will post pictures as I have my kiddos make them: thumbprint necklaces, Sweet Wishes card, and coasters (they paint tiles)-- although I am not sure about this year as I feel the time crunch... It really all comes together in the end with blood, sweat, and tears and is such a great event!!! I am making my tea hats this week so stay tuned on how to make those! 

This weekend I will be wrapping up my DPP or Deliberate Practice Plan for the year which accounts for 25% of my overall evaluation. Now I am not sure how you are evaluated but I am known for saying how it is (and unfortunately a lot more if you know me-- call me and we'll get get together for a more candid and in depth chat!! LOL) but this whole evaluation system really stinks! And for me, that is putting it mildly!! :-/  
So, with that said I will be working on that to get it finished-- reflecting on best practices and uploading evidence... yay for me! 

This week we are learning all about SPACE!!! So excited and I just can't hide it!!! If you haven't picked up my space unit yet, be sure to grab your copy on my TPT store!!! It's a great unit filled with so many literacy activities. I can't wait to use it with my class this year! 


Tomorrow is a busy day: school carnival (I am going as a mommy this time and am not manning a booth for the first time in 7 years-- kinda feels good!!!), birthday party, then blog hop at 7!!! Have a great night/weekend!!! 

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