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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mission: Space

Space... It is the final frontier for sure!!! In fact I just read an article on CNN that talked about 3 new planets that could possibly sustain life!!! I am in the works of finalizing my Space Unit-- 90 pages of space themed activities... Here are some pictures...

I am SO SO SO excited about this!!!! Well... I am ALWAYS excited about the centers I make... But I really and truly love learning about space. I remember being in 4th and 5th grade and being part of the Young Astronauts Club and just being amazed by all the cool stuff they got to do. Since I live in FL, we are not too far from Kennedy Space Center so that was always a fun experience for me, too. I think I could've been an astronaut if it wasn't for the motion sickness thing.. Just sayin'.... LOL! So, if you are interested, stay tuned! I am posting a FREEBIE from these centers in an upcoming blog hop. 

To go along with this unit of study, I am going to be putting some websites on my student computers:

Google Moon


These are both great sites,  along with Google Earth (which wasn't  cooperating when I tried to capture the screen), to use when learning about space. The kids, though, really love the NASA one!

I am also doing two projects from Sarah Cooley's Blog  "First Grader at Last" and am making Mars Sand and Shooting Stars (pictures are from her blog-- not mine-- please click on her name to link to the directions)

Thanks Sarah for the cool projects!!! Be sure to check it out!! 

Now that this project is done...I am on to my next few... Mother's Day tea event, Father's Day gift in a bottle, Oceans, and End of Year... Never ends.. does it???


  1. So exciting Leslie! Now... why wasn't this ready when I was teaching space?! LOL! I really think the Space obsession has to be a FL thing! I have it too! :) Can't wait to see your ocean stuff! That is what I teach at the end of the year. Let us know when they're posted! :)

    The Applicious Teacher

    1. PS- If you want to do a space themed giveaway, I am TOTALLY DOWN! ;)

    2. I am down! Check your e-mail... :-)