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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We Are Family!!!!

This week we are learning about animal parents and their offspring... To kick off our study I played Sister Sledge's "We are Family"

Then I showed my class a picture of my cute Mom and Dad!

So I talked about how we look like parts of our parents, how we can act like our parents because we come from our parents. I talked about my dad (my mom, too but I AM my dad in many more ways-- just look at my picture and his-- there is no denying I am HIS daughter! LOL) and I are so alike with our hair color, eye color, friendliness, we even have a dimple in the same spot on our left cheeks!!! I even joked that my dad and I look alike but I have hair and he doesn't! LOL! That got them very excited and the chatter about their families began! So, I gave them their assignment for the day...

They did such a great job!!!! They were to choose a family member and write and draw about how they are most like that family member. AMAZING!!!!! They talked about how they have curly hair like their parents, they talked about brothers and sisters and how they like the same foods. It was so cute!!!! BUT I left their work at school (Sorry--- it is by my door ready to be hung up and displayed because it is so cute!) and didn't get a chance to take pictures.. I will do that for you when I get to school tomorrow because your hearts will melt like mine did!!! Click on the picture to grab your copy of this cute activity. 

I am working on my Space Unit and am so excited!! I love teaching about space and it will be fabulous!

**Update **

Here are (some)of  the cute pictures!!!

"Me and my brother are alike because we fight alot. We are friends though."

"Me and my mom have the same hair. We have the same look. And we love each other very much!" (AWE!!!)"

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