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Monday, April 22, 2013

Mission Space Giveaway Winners and Fabulous Projects!!!

Congratulations to Angie and Diedre on being winners of my first giveaway! Please look at your e-mails for a link to download your unit! Hope your kiddos enjoy it! 

I started decorating my classroom hallway to get ready for space... This is the wall opposite of my classroom so the angle from where I took the picture is awkward but I think you get the picture.. Ha! I told one of the the girls on my team (who really are my BFF's!! I LOVE them!!!) that it would be neat if we each made planets to place outside our hallways (we have an interior hallway-- not all classrooms have this) and have our little 1st grade astronauts orbit the hallway-- that it would look really cool. I painted the moon but there is still wall space next to my door.... hmmmm..... ;-)

Today was also an exciting day for my students. We have been working on a non-fiction share research project based on endangered animals. They looked so adorable walking into the classrooms with their projects. 

I posted about it a few weeks ago but I was still in the process of adding files and am still adding files as I find more things to add as I study and learn with my class. 

As soon as I finish up my files I will post it up on TPT but I will leave you with a FREEBIE "Choose Your Endangered Animal" form I used with my class. Click on the cover page of my new upcoming unit to grab that. In the meantime, take a look at their sweet faces with their projects! They are the BEST!!!

Have a great night! 

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