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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Panda Obsessed!!!

You know, I really should be going to bed but once I have a project in mind I MUST complete it but sleep is beginning to lure me to my bed. Plus, I have 1st graders to teach and enrich tomorrow. So, really quickly my class and I are obsessed with the Panda Cam from the San Diego Zoo!! Click on the panda picture to take you there. He is so FREAKING cute and so entertaining. I am telling Brian, my DH, I want to adopt one. I'm Asian .. he might give in (LOL!!!... NOT!!!). So, what prompted this obsession.. well, in our estudies weekly topic (how many of you use estudies weekly... Do you like it? This is our first year with it and just wanted your feedback.) we had learned about changes in the community and there was a lesson about extinct or endangered animals and badda bing, bada boom-- sparks flew and there was a huge interest.... hence my latest project I am working on... Here's a sneak peak... 

I am almost done and need to add the thinking maps and some writing papers and I will be done by tomorrow.... maybe... We are in our early stages of working on this project and it meets the CCSS (1.W.6, 1.W.7).

Also, if you hadn't had a chance to enter the giveaway from The Applicious Teacher, please do so as there are lots of goodies up for grabs! Just click on her name to take you there!

Have a great night and happy early TGIF!!!


  1. Hi Leslie! My sis and I are your newest followers thanks to Fifth in the Middle's state linky! I'm beginning to gather every blogger in Florida's information for a bloggy get together sometime this Summer. If you're interested in being a part of this fun, please send me a quick email at
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    Sister Teachers

  2. Love the pandas... not a fan of the estudies weekly... Thanks for the shout out!

    The Applicious Teacher