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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Day in the Life of a Teacher Linky!

Today I am linking up with Jessica from the Second Grade Nest for her "Day in the Life of a Teacher" linky party! I will be honest with you. I do not lead an exciting life-- dumb things just happen to me that make my life interesting but normally my life is really just--- normal! I liken my life in the summer as a teacher turned into full time mommy, domestic goddess,  and trophy wife! I do it all in the summer! Not that I don't during the school year but being just a mommy/domestic goddess is hard work! So... here's 

These children do not let me sleep in! It was actually the little one, Aidan who comes in my room every morning and presses his little body against mine. Tossing and turning and trying to have a conversation with me while I am asleep! 

Every morning is the same! Unless we have something major to do, we are just relaxed! Some days we go to the library or the zoo but as a teacher, we try to find cheaper ways to stay entertained! We have the bowling passes but they get bored with it so quickly! So this morning we were doing this and getting ready to go to school so that I could start unpacking my room.

First off, our custodial staff did an excellent job with our rooms! They are sparkly clean! But the roaches! They were HUGE and DEAD!!! There had to be about 10 of them and I was dying! Plus, I had no lights in my room so I really couldn't take a good picture! Next time!

T-ball time! It was hot as hell but we live in FL! 

Starting our wind down! Ate a quick dinner after arguing with Gabriel that bread with ketchup (disgusting, I know) has no nutritional value and he needed to eat something with more substance. I finally got him to eat some chicken tenders. Please tell me someone else has a picky eater. He is the worse eater ever. Thank goodness for Velveeta Shells and Cheese or PBJ's or this kid won't survive! 

Multi-tasking at it's finest! Although experts say that we don't really multi-task... Pish! So I try to get some laundry tackled! And the dishes, and toys picked up, and cats fed,... Long day!!!

Finally here I am! I sit here typing out my boring day to you! be glad that I didn't take pics yesterday! Yesterday I had to go to the GYN office! I will share in my story from yesterday in hopes that you will never have to go through what I did... so I haven't gone in 4 years (don't judge! LOL!) and finally put my big girl panties on and went but no one to watch the boys. What to do? Had to take them. Mortified at the thought. So we go in and I am infamous well known there-- they love me for my candor and I am a good patient (well, maybe not so good if I haven't been there in 4 years but I digress) so I go into the room and you know they tell you to undress... My boys are like.. What? Why? I told them I am doing what I am told. Mind you-- I am dying inside. I handed them my i-phone and told them they are NOT allowed to come out from behind the curtain. What do they do? Come out of the curtain. "Mommy, why are you dressed in paper?", "Why are you naked?" I mean, really... Can I just crawl under a rock now? Needless to say the rest of the visit went well and I will never take them with me again! Now aren't you glad I didn't document that day in pictures?? LOL!!! 

Hope you got a good laugh at my boring and un-eventful life! We all have those moments! As teachers, mommies, wives, partners.. everyday is special! Treasure it!!!

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  1. I would've walked right out of that classroom had I found roaches. I cannot handle bugs! Ick!

    And me time is my favorite time!! Usually its all social media surfing.

    Thanks for linking up!
    Second Grade Nest

  2. I love it! But you totally forgot the part of your GYN story where your team chose that precise moment to partake in a group text with!!!