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Monday, July 22, 2013

Feeling like Henny Penny!!!

So, this is what it looks like outside my window right now and I hear the howling of the wind! Zoinks!!! Is all I can say!!!

It's a typical Florida afternoon! Rain, rain, rain!!! The crazy thing is that it's been dark like this for an hour and just howling winds! Scares me to death. I mean, I am indoors but it is hurricane season! It reminds me of one of my favourite Golden Girls episodes... Watch it!!!

I know there is no hurricane a-comin but it looks a-like it!! But as Sofia says.. I digress! So my topic was going to be about character ed but I got a-sidetracked by the sky!!! LOL! I sadly counted how many vacation days I have left (I depressed myself! I know that some of you are back and I am sorry!!!) and I realized that I needed to start getting my butt in gear because

1. I have 21 days left (that includes weekends)
2. I am slow and methodical (aka perfectionist, OCD)
3. Ok, ok... I have ADD when it comes to the hateful task of unpacking my room when I just packed up the stupid thing like 2 months ago!!! 

I started thinking about what needed to get done and then I started thinking about all that I do in the beginning of the year and one that I touch on through the years is character ed! Character Ed is so important! I find that more and more children are in need of just basic social skills! Can I get an amen? It is sometimes appalling to me to hear how they interact with each other in times of conflict; although yes, there are those times when my eyes well up with tears when I hear them being so sweet and kind to each other. So I decided that since I was doing a new theme to my room this year (Wizard of Oz) I decided that it would also be a good theme that I could teach character ed lessons with, too, since each of the characters possess those qualities and traits that carry them through the book/movie. For example, Dorothy is trustworthy. Lion is Brave. Wizard of Oz is respected and respectful. I just fell in love with the idea. Thus my newest creation!

I LOVE this set! It has character ed posters, a student book for reflection, character ed BRAG bracelets (these are my FAVOURITE!!!!! You give them to your kids each time they show you their true character of trustworthiness, respect, etc...!), and I added bucket fillers just because I thought it kinda goes along with it! Plus it goes well with my Wizard of Oz decor!

I am all about matching!!! Haha! And even if you weren't interested in Wizard of Oz, it's just a great mini-unit for character ed! In fact, I left a little FREEBIE for you! Click on the cover page of my newest unit and it will take you to a sampler set of my newest unit! Please leave some love on my blog if you download it and let me know what you think! 

Have a great week! 

(P.S.) Now it's a-raining!!! 


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