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Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Lovin'!! And confession time! Forgive me followers for I have.....

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And now...

 Did I mention that I have never loved summer more this year than ever? I do have another confession (other than my sinful Nutella obsession. Click here to read about that. )-- I am a Workaholic! Ok... I also have undiagnosed OCD. Maybe some perfectionist tendencies. I am working through these issues and I think as teachers we all harbour a little of these traits. Some, like me, a little more than others. There are some nights I cannot sleep because I am so focused on a lesson or preparation or a TPT product that I cannot sleep! It is awful. So this summer I resolved to try and take it easy. There was a really good article that someone posted that I copied and pasted here. His wife is a teacher and it really hit it on the nail:

My Wife is a Teacher 
By: Vic DeSantis

I am a guy who lives for summers. I wasn’t always like this but I’m pretty sure I can pinpoint the exact time in my life where the months of June, July, and August became such an integral part of my happiness.

You might be inclined to deduce that my yearning for these warmer times is related to a sports season or a passion for outdoor activities; perhaps even slower times at work. In some regards you might be correct but not exactly for the any one of the three multiple choice answers provided.

You see, my wife is a teacher.

When I met my wife she was not a teacher - she was a student. When we married she was finishing her degree and starting out on her own professional career. To say that I knew nothing about the educational system at that point would be an enormous understatement. In the nearly 20 years that followed I have learned everything that a parent, student, citizen, and spouse should know about the challenges that every teacher faces. Armed with those insights it is difficult to reconcile the carefully framed messages of politicians and privatized education proponents with the realities of life in the classroom.

My wife is a teacher. I’ve never once, in the history of our life together, seen her trading derivatives, speculate in real estate, engage in subprime lending practices, or make exorbitant demands on her employer for an outrageous salary. It is perplexing to me that over the past few years she and her colleagues have, at least in the eyes of many, become public enemy number one. I suspect that a good portion of this misguided angst is directly related to the economic environment; something that she had absolutely no part in creating. Is she without fault? Absolutely not. I have over the years thought that she would have been much better off taking her well-earned college degree and her intelligence into the private sector and guiltlessly accumulated as much wealth and material possessions as possible. Sometimes you just can’t talk sense into these folks.

My wife is a teacher. Instead of making money she decided to make a difference.

My wife is a teacher. For nearly 2 years she worked diligently to achieve the prestigious designation as a nationally board certified teacher – a designation that came with a small annual bonus. After meeting her end of the bargain, the state pulled the funding.

My wife is a teacher. She has worked for a decade and a half for far less money than her counterparts who are not public employees. She did this satisfied with the proposition that the pay was steady, a small retirement income certain, and the intangible satisfaction of steering the lives of children.

My wife is a teacher. Her income is now in decline. As a reward for her faithful years of service our state has decided that she should give back 3% of her salary towards her retirement. After all they say “this is what folks in the private sector do.” Tack-on another 2% reduction for the expired payroll tax holiday and the hits just keep on coming.

My wife is a teacher. Despite continuous assaults on her take-home pay, she shells out thousands of her own dollars for classroom supplies. She is impervious to the yearly barrage of administrative mandates established by politicians and so-called “educational experts” – she soldiers on.

My wife is a teacher. She is reviled by certain segments of our society who labor under the belief that she is underworked and overpaid. One would think that after fifteen plus years in a professional where a four-year college degree is a minimum entry requirement that most would not begrudge her a $40,000 a year salary. And for those less inclined to the truth, her salary is adjusted to smaller twice-a-month paychecks to cover the summer months when school is not in session.

My wife is a teacher. She is tasked with the enormous responsibility for the care and safety of your children. I’ll dispense with the lengthy analysis on this topic. Two words suffice – Newtown and Oklahoma. Someone please let me know the next time Lebron James throws his body between a child and the working end of an assault rifle and I will hold professional athletes in the same reverence I do teachers.

My wife is a teacher. For nine months of every year our family lives in the metronomic cycle of early morning wake-ups and late evening lesson-planning. We revel in the plethora of candies and candles, gift-cards and gadgets that herald the arrival of the “Christmas Break,” and I observe with interest the emotion that a hand-written note from a 1st grader can bring at the end of a school year.

My wife is a teacher. From August to May she had dedicated herself to the interests of her kids and her school. She has prepared and toiled, laughed and cried – and shared one hundred stories about the amazing kids that walk through her door each morning. She has left me wondering in awe how she does so much with - and for - so little.

It is the summer now – my happy time comprised of the few short weeks that I do not have to share her. My wife is a teacher – she is also my hero. I promise to return her in August.

I am pretty sure that is how Brian feels about me and one day how my boys will feel about me, too! So Wednesday. Aidan woke up and wanted to go to the beach! That's the perk of living in FL is the beach and why the county in which I live in and teach in says why we don't get paid as much (that story is revolting and disgusting so don't get me started!) as other counties... But I digress! Here are some pics of our fun day!

Then my favourite part is the clean up! Another thing about me is that I detest bad smells --ok, who doesn't but I literally make a big stink (no pun intended!) about them! And I hate the sand that gets in the car from your feet getting sandy. 


So I am a Pinterest junkie-- add that to my list of confessionals and found a pin that said you can put 

BABY POWDER on your feet before you get in the car like a sloughing agent and it will get most of the dry sand off your feet! And guess what!! It worked! I was thrilled beyond relief!! No more buckets of water and carting it to the car and having my kid lean over my shoulder in aggravation! I mean, there were minute traces of sand and of course baby power on the legs and feet but it beats having buckets of sand in your car to vacuum and clean! I was tickled! 

So, just a tip for you as you head out to those beachy places! Bring baby powder!! 


  1. I love the story you shared:) Good for you for spending the day with your kids at the beach! The Wizard of Oz Unit looks fabulous too.

    The Resourceful Apple

    1. Thanks Tammy! The article is about a teacher from Melbourne, FL! So close to home! Family time is important to us since Brian is always gone with work! Hope you are enjoying summer!

  2. That letter brought a tear to my eye. I did not know about baby powder getting sand off your feet. I would freak out about that too. As it is my boys roll their eyes at me when I freak out about getting snow in my car (it ends up making the car smelly) and they dont get it which freaks me out even more.... So I completely understand about the sand!

    1. Hi Donna! It is a great letter and I cried, too! It is so true! I was just telling Brian that I have to start getting ready for B2S and getting my papers in order again and then he was like "Oh, I will lose you again for 9 month bc you get so engrossed with school!" Ha! And yes, I get the snow, too! Our family lives in Canada and MN so we get it, too! :-)

  3. Okay, had not read that letter yet, I may have teared up;) I just read an article about how the happiest people are those who give to others freely without expecting things in return. Just the simple act of giving escalates a certain pleasure center in your brain. That may explain a lot;) looks like a fab day at the beach, I have to beg my kids to go, lol!