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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Classroom Reveal, a Sale, a freebie, and the Winner Is....

This has been a VERY busy week! My first week back with pre-planning and I am totally exhausted! In fact, I was so tired yesterday I just hurt all over. I pretty much slept all day today and left my house to encounter the bedlam that is back to school shopping at Target at 6:00 p.m. this evening. I attempted Publix but decided to leave that bit of fun for tomorrow! Yay for me!! Haha! 

So all summer, I have been going on and on about my Wizard of Oz room and here are some pictures of my room. So excited!!

Each of my tables are labeled with a hot air balloon and are named after each of the characters. Sorry... there is no Flying Monkey table! LOL!

My reading corner and cute (albeit ghetto sign because I ran out of time) sign for my door. 

Classroom Jobs-- Still needs a sign but posted up at least! 

Wow! Sorry it's blurry!!! My classroom view from the doorway. 

Advice to a Future First Grader! I had my kids from last year write some words of wisdom and I displayed them in my hallway just for meet the teacher! I wasn't sure if this was a good idea because they wrote things like "First Grade Math is tricky!" or "You work hard in first grade" and all of that is true. I didn't want to scare them but it'd the truth. You know kinda like in college-- you asked around about classes and 

This cute guy pointed the way to my classroom for Meet the Teacher! I actually did a bit of trash picking but it was in good condition! I never trash pick but I was desperate and low on funds! Plus I was driving by and saw it and knew it was meant to be!!! 

The Yellow Brick Road that lead up to my classroom!!! 

Love this picture angle! My hallway portion and the field of poppies! I hung up some cock board with sticker chalkboard frames with their names on them. I cannot wait to display their "Wonderous Work!" 

I am also excited this year to be working with some new team members! I can honestly say that I love my team! I cannot imagine working with a better team and we work so well together. One of my longtime teammates left to work as a teacher-on-assignment for our county and I will miss her greatly but I know it time for her to move on. I am not sure I could do that. I wish her the best! Here is a picture of my new team: 

These lovely ladies are just fabulous and I am excited to be in such good company!

Speaking of good companies... I am excited for the Teachers pay Teachers back to school sale! 

Take a look at your wishlists or if you haven't yet.. start placing items in your wishlist cart now! The savings and prizes (your new teaching packs) will be amazing!!!! My wishlist is out of control! I think I am at like 97 items! Not sure I can afford all 97 items but I know I will spending some money tonight. And if you have provided feedback on all your items on TPT you can use your credits to purchase some of your items at the discounted price! Even better!!!! I am all about saving money but the grocery store savings thing still baffles me! 

Another store that I love is 

If you noticed in my previous post I bought this dress

and I wore it Friday and everyone LOVED it!!! SO thanks!!!

And now for the WINNER of the Glam Back to School Giveaway!:

Congrats Sara!! I will e-mail you and get with you so you can pick out your 3 items from my store!!!

And now, since you have been so patient with me in reading my post, a little freebie for you to go along with the big TPT sale going on:

Click on the picture to take you to my store to download! 

Remember the sale is going on August 18-19! Stock up now for Back to School!


  1. Your room is PRECIOUS!! I love your theme!


    1. Thank you Katy! It was a true (sweaty!!) labour of love!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Mallory!!! I have wanted this theme for a long time! I love the values behind it!

  3. We LOVE your dumpster dive find! It's so perfect and the price was so right! Your baskets and balloons from the ceiling are just precious too! Your kiddos are so lucky to be in there with you!

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade