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Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's Back to School and a Glam Giveaway!!

I have to say...let the lamenting begin! Summer went by way too fast! I am not ready for summer to be over. I want to enjoy summer a little bit more and be with my two munchkins (who do drive me crazy as I type with their constant getting up 500 times before they go to bed only to have the nerve to tell me they are tired the next day!!!) a little bit more. I want to sleep in and enjoy my day with nothing to do and be in my pajamas and if I don't want to do my hair and make-up then I don't have to kinda days!!! Waaaaaa!!!! It really was my most unproductive summer ever. And that is ok! I have a very Type-A personality where I work-work-work and don't let it go but after this past school year, I was just pooped! I have been creating here and there and have gone to my classroom a few times to unpack but not like I used to. I used to be really obsessive (still am to a certain degree) but in my old age these days I have had to let it go a little. Some pictures of my summer lovin' highlights:

(Thank You KG Fonts, Mrs.RussellsRoom, FDS ClipArt

I officially don't start back until Tuesday but I have been busy getting some things ready for my room!

This cute little basket will be hanging from my lantern to make my hot air balloon!!

My tornado for my reading corner. I am going to buy some silver thread to wrap around it so that it looks like it is whirring around. I really do not want to put lights around it because I don't want the fire marshall up my grill over it! I plan on hanging some book jackets from the ceiling and will title my reading corner: "Get caught up in a good book!" 

Chevron border for my bulletin boards! Can't wait!! 

Lastly, I already bought the tissue paper and need to start making these this weekend although I am not sure where I can buy brown tissue paper!

I also have my mini-Emerald City bulletin Board ready to put up in addition to laminating my Wizard of Oz classroom set! I might have had a moment of insanity when I decided to to a re-do of my classroom but I am the type that when I do something, I need to go all out! 

Have to admit that I am a little scurred to laminate myself for the first time but I gotta do it... before Friday 'cuz that's when Meet the Teacher is! Speaking of Meet the to thinking what I was going to wear! 

As a mom now I really don't buy too much for myself as far as clothes. The minute Gabriel was born I pledged that he came first and that was it. No more mani's or pedi's. My kids came first and honestly right now, I really don't have the extra money for clothes for me! One thing  I refused to give up was my hair and make-up as evidenced by my counter! Don't judge the messiness!!

I LOVE MAC make-up!! These are some of my favourite colours!!! 

Yep... I have more make-up wedged in the back!!! I really need a make-up organizer! 

These are almost all my products! Brian's has just a little space off to the left! 

I will not even go into my closet because that is another hot mess.Brian gets upset because I have a lot of clothes-- mostly dresses and some are just very teacher-ish! Like I said, right now I don't really have the money to buy some new clothes as my money has gone to my kids or school supplies for my classroom. Or some clothes I've had for years, like since I started teaching 10 years ago and some pieces I just got a few weeks ago when I found a great new online boutique that has got the CUTE-EST clothes ever!!! I admit that I am a purse whore (I love purses!!!) first then a clothes whore second--if only my thighs and spare tire would accommodate the clothes I WANT to wear versus the clothes I can wear! LOL! Luckily, I found this dress while browsing online:

Totally fell in LOVE with it! And I fell in love with the store, too! This is the Shea Dress. I have a few other dresses, too but this is my favourite!

I'd like to say that some of my hard earned TPT money went to purchasing groceries and such-- it did! But some of it went to some cute outfits from here! Ha! I even got a cute infinity scarf as a gift from buying a dress from them! They are fabulous and the owner is the sweetest!!! So, teacher friends, I'd like to help YOU out with a Back to School Glam Giveaway!!

Sass My Style Boutique has offered to give a $40 Gift Card to one lucky teacher for Back to School! And you can choose any 3 items from my store for you, too, to help ease your prep for back to school! Just enter the Rafflecopter below! Teachers are important and we love new clothes and new teaching supplies, too!!! 

Best of Luck to You! Winner will be announced on Saturday, the 17th once the twitching from pre-planning week has gone away! LOL!!  

Have a great week! 


  1. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  2. What a great giveaway! Have a great first week back!! :)I love the idea of the Wizard of Oz theme.
    Learning Is Something To Treasure

    1. Thanks Lisa!! Hope you are feeling well!!! I went to school today to unpack and decorated--- grrr!!! On my last day of vacay! Hope you have a great first week back, too!

  3. Super cute dress! Great giveaway!! I also have a special place in my heart for The Wizard of Oz since my hubby is from Kansas! ;)

    1. Thanks Stacey! Good luck! I am lovin' the Wizard of Oz theme this year! Hope you have a great school year!

  4. Thanks for the giveaway! Love the dress that you bought. I, like yourself, spend all my money on my 3 boys or on my classroom....and, yes, you're right.....the hair is very important for me, too....especially with all those grey hairs peaking out and saying hello to me. I run like a mad women to my hairdresser whenever I see a split-end or a grey.

    1. Hi Najda! Thanks for entering my giveaway! Good luck! Girl, you know our hair is SO important! If I have a bad hair day, my whole day is off! LOL! I turned 36 this year and get depressed whenever I see a new gray hair peek out!!! So depressing!! It seems so petty but as Moms, we gotta look good, too! ;-)

      Take care!!! :)